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Hello there, and welcome to Peculiar on Purpose!

My name is Kimberly Snyder, and I promise I'm nothing special. Just a girl who loves writing and randomly purposefully made a probably insane decision to start a blog a couple of years ago. I write about everything from life as a big sister to this big homeschooled gang, to what God's teaching me, and on some details of this peculiar life my family and I lead.

"Peculiar on Purpose"...? What on earth?

Yes. I get some questions about the blog name I chose way back when.

I started this blog when I was seventeen years old. For a long time I had been kind of depressed about the darkness of the world and the bleakness of the effort to try to shine the light of Christ across all these billions. At about 17, though, I started to understand that the darker the platform set before us, the brighter and more obvious our shine can be when we boldly take center stage with the Light of the World shining through us. Maybe the wickedness of the world doesn't have to be such a sorrowful thing anymore; maybe we just have to look at it as an opportunity to shine even brighter—for Christ! So I'm here to encourage you: be what God has called you to be, on purpose, with a purpose, and don't mind if the world calls you peculiar for it! Stand strong in the faith! Work out your own salvation with trembling and fear! Be not conformed, but be transformed! And let Christ live His perfect Christian life through you, right where you are today!

The more I learn of Jim Elliot, the more I'm convinced he and I would have been kindred spirits. He once said, in reference to his own writings, "I write like I talk—without thinking much beforehand—and sometimes spiel stuff that were better left in the ink bottle. I think it was Browning who, having been queried on something he wrote early in life said, 'When I wrote that, two people knew what it meant, God and I. Now only God knows.' So with anything perplexing, throw it out discounted as an abortion sprung from a mind that is at times overproductive to its own hurt." And I hereby stamp the same words on my writings. I am not here because I think I'm good at writing, but because I like it, and I'd like to improve. You'll notice I don't worry with marketing and publicity much, because I'm not trying to point every other person back to me and my blog, but I only ever wish to point all around me back to God.

About me...?

I was born in Mississippi and after several moves and states, my family and I now make our dwelling in Oklahoma. I am the eldest of seven kids—all boys except six—and yes, we're just a bunch of crazy homeschoolers! We are total home bodies, amazing cooks, super competitive volleyball players, and really funny puppeteers. Some of us like to read, some of us are especially gifted with music and/or art, we all love old black and white movies and bon fires, and we all only fit into one of the four vehicles on our property. We speak in inside jokes, so if you ever visit us and lose track of what we're even talking about... sorry.

I, personally, have a résumé probably unlike any other 20-year-old you've ever met. I've shot event photography. I once started a lawn care businesses with my sister. I've taught piano and English as a second language. I've worked as a nanny and run kids' Bible clubs. I've copyedited novels. I'm pretty open to adventures and trying out whatever opportunities God sets before me. ☺

I enjoy reading, playing piano and viola, photography, creating things (in the kitchen, at the sewing machine, wherever), and fresh air. I have a tiny windowsill garden I like to nurture and watch grow. I have a heart for missions work, and a full wall of missionary prayer postcards in my room. I really love to travel and hike and visit museums and meet friendly strangers and gaze at sunsets, mountains, lakes, clouds, and Creation's beauty, in general. Laughing and food are important to me. I take the Bible very seriously. I'm more afraid of butterflies than stepping on the toes of a person who's been sheltered from the Truth. I'm sick of mediocrity. I hate abortion. I want to tell the world there was a perfect Man and He died to set them free of their sins, guilt, and burdens, rose again, and will live forever, inviting all to join Him if they'll but believe, confess their sins, and lay down their lives to follow Him.

Welcome to my blog! I'm glad you are here.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. -Matthew 5:16


  1. I saw your post on Christian Pen this morning and liked the title of your blog, so I decided to check it out. I am a writer and editor -- have been for decades -- and don't have any advice for you other than to keep doing what you're doing. You have a natural flair for conversational writing that draws the reader into your words. Your blog is original and creative, which seems to reflect its author. Well done!

  2. I've been looking through your blog today - wow, so impressed! Thanks so much for shining so brightly for Jesus. Keep pressing on! =)

  3. Very cool! I just looked around from the rebelution's writing group and this is great!! Keep it up! (and I love photography too!)

  4. I saw a post that you tagged my friend too and so I looked at your blog and so far I'm liking it!!


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