Thursday, August 10, 2017

Take a Step, God is There

What to write on, what to write on...

It's been so long since I've written and there is a lot to say, but probably not enough words in the English language to explain it all sufficiently.

Praise the Lord in even this, though, because we all learn our own lessons and are left speechless! All that God's taught me, He can teach you, too, and it'll be better than anything I could leave here for you to skim through on your lunch break.

One thing in particular my soul has been dwelling on often lately, is the thought of doing.

We're weird humans. We don't want to leave our comfort zones, try new things, get out of the bubble of the life we've dreamed up for ourselves. We're always saying we—and I quote—"need a sign or word from God on this", but we're all the while holding the Bible in our hands, on our pew in church. Oh, you know, the pew our family has been sitting in since the days of Jefferson.

Don't get me wrong, now: anything God has ever done, He can still do.

He can part the Red Sea, he can give Abraham and Sarah an heir. He can speak. The difference is, everything He wants or needs to say to us is in the Book. High five, literacy!

We have the sign and word from God in our hands, plus a couple extra copies back home.

When a door is open before us, even though it's scary, hard, and altogether the opposite of what we planned, maybe the only thing we should be comparing it to is the Bible. (As opposed to: our plans or dreams, others' thoughts of us, society's norm, etc.)

Does this align with God's plan or will for His children?

Is it obedient?

Is it good work for men, or great work for the Kingdom?


And do the thing. If this aligns with everything you can find in Scripture, you've prayed and have peace, your Spiritual authorities have prayed and have peace (parents, in my case), take the step.

And keep praying.

My dad has applied for a myriad of jobs in his day, so he knows better than I, but of the things I've applied for over the past few years (schools, jobs, missions trips, etc.), the prayers don't cease. God, please keep this from my hands if it's not your will. Please strip this desire from my heart if it's not a desire from you. Please mold my heart to be more like yours.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers and being faithful to answer!

Guys. Sure, I'm not in college and we can spin that any way we want, but I applied. I took steps through different sets of open doors. I did something. God said no.

He redirected. And He continues to be so faithful in redirecting my semi-directionless attempts to move, to do, to become the person He is making me to be.

He's so good, y'all.

I was going to go on a missions trip to India a couple years ago (gracious, it feels like a decade). That was going to be my first real missions trip, I was stepping through the door, there were so many prayers, and... God said no.

That wasn't the way I was supposed to go. Okay. I got it, I heard it. Couldn't ignore it, actually.

But then when your pen pal's mom—the pen pal you don't really know that well—tells your mom their family is going on a missions trip to some country you literally couldn't even locate within two thousand miles, and says you should pray about coming, too... you pray. You pick up the phone and call the girl and tell her you're interested. And as God continues leading you through that open door, you end up going to a country your heart was made to go to, finding another side of your family among a tribal people up in the mountains, and, in words far fewer than I could use to describe this to you, God changes your life.

An uncomfortable phone call. The squeeze of not having as much money saved up for it as I thought I did. The stretch of traveling on no set schedule or time table, and just moving through as we could.

Was it easy? Was it comfortable? Some of it. But mostly not.

Doing something not normal is, well, not normal. If you eat some kind of food you've never ever tried anything like before, you might get sick. Because your body might freak out when it has to do something more than its normal. Don't be a finicky digestion system. Try to be flexible. (Or you'll end up learning the hard way. Not that I know...)

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: God's plan is always so, so much bigger and better than our dreams.

When I see open doors, I really want to be the one that always takes a step and tries. Sometimes I'll get knocked out of the sky, because not all open doors are meant to be walked through, after all. But I'll get back up. I want to be resilient and determined and loving and kind and reliable and flexible. Basically perfect, you know. 😉

I want to try: to take steps towards doors with a just a crack of sunlight shining in from the other side. I want to knock and see if God answers the knock by leading me through the new path, or leading me back to the old one and encouraging me to keep walking until I see the next door.

I was reading about Abram recently—Abraham before God changed his name. "Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:" (Genesis 12:1-2)

Go. And I will show you the destination later.

Obey. And I will bless you abundantly.

Take the step, dear. I believe in you. And don't fret it—life is always amazing when you have a God as amazing as ours.


  1. This was so encouraging! Thank you, Kimberly. :)

  2. Oh, dear. It hurt to read this post. I am DEFINITELY one who doesn't want to leave my comfort zone, try new things, or get out of the cozy bubble of my life. And lately it seems everyone and their uncle is asking me what I'm planning on doing next. Right now, I am not sure where God wants me to be or what He wants me to do, but you are so right. I keep asking Him to show me while my Bible sits closed beside me. I need to simply make sure that the opportunity I have is in line with God's Word, bring it before Him, ask my parent's counsel, and then seek that path. If it is not the right road, the Lord will redirect me. It will be a big step of faith out of my comfort zone, but it needs to be done. Take a step, God is there. :)


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