Sunday, August 27, 2017

Branching Out

Friday night, after our time where a few team members shared their testimonies, we played a game where we drew a piece of paper that already had a question printed on it. One question was "what would the current chapter of your life be titled?" and he said it couldn't be called "Taiwan". Haha.

So I came up with "Branching Out". Kind of drew it up out of thin air, but it made more and more sense the longer I thought about it. 

Branching out of my comfort zone and my controllable bubble—meaning I have more or less relinquished control of almost every aspect of my life. It's kinda uncomfortable. 

Branching out of my language and time zones. I can work on improving my Chinese, but I can't work on living 13 hours ahead of my family and friends. 

Branching out and living in a team setting rather than a family setting. 

Branching out of a simple Oklahoma prairie lifestyle.

I've been in Taipei for four days, and it's been good, but tomorrow I head south to my school in Chiayi. 

Prayers appreciated! Leave a note! 


  1. That sounds so exciting but scary! I like the chapter title you came up with, it's really deep when you think about it.
    I will be praying for you!

  2. Um.. what about "staying under your father's protection until marriage"????

    1. Well, for one thing, I have his blessing and encouragement to do this trip. I didn't move here permanently... For another thing, it's very possible to stay under my dad (esp. spiritual leadership) thanks to instant technology making communicating internationally super easy. "Under your father's protection" is really more about deferring to his counsel, counting him your spiritual leader, and not standing independently, in my opinion. Not to say I think it's easier 7,000+ miles apart, but I think with effort it's possible. I would not have come if my dad had said anything to the effect he didn't like the idea it didn't want me to. Does that answer your question?

  3. Good pictures Kimberly!
    I miss you <3

  4. Definitely branching out, but I'm so excited for you. Praying for you! Love and miss you so much!! 💛💛


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