Friday, June 30, 2017

Project Marun 544: Weeks 11-20

It's been ten weeks now since I introduced you to the photography project I'm doing with one of my best friends, Janan, we call Project Marun 544! That was a fast ten weeks! Well, twenty weeks, honestly! Feel free to look back and read it/see my first ten weeks of pictures here!

I'll be the first to admit... some of my weeks of photographing according to theme have been very procrastinated and haphazard. You can probably guess which weeks I'm referring to just based on the pictures. Haha.

Nevertheless. It's good for me, you know? Being purposeful about growing and nurturing a skill I do wish to grow and develop. Finding my own style of shooting + editing. Trying to analyze and produce something to draw a viewer's emotions. I'm so thinking > feeling. So math > art. Sometimes the art side of photography... it just doesn't come naturally. I've gone through phases like this in other things, too... like personal devotions. Some seasons of life have been dry and personal, daily devotions have fallen to the wayside because I don't "feel" like I'm getting anything out of it. Let me not be a person like that. You won't magically find the ocean when you give up walking in the middle of the desert. That's kind of what "pressing on" means to me.

Week 11: Out of Focus

Week 12: Three of a Kind

Week 13: Brick

Week 14: Shadows

Week 15: Picture of a Picture

Week 16: Blue

Week 17: Music

Week 18: Details

Week 19: Lazy Saturdays

Week 20: Photo of the Week

If you had to pick a favorite... which week? ☺


  1. These are all sooooo lovely, Kimberly!!! ❤️ I don’t know....I think maybe Week 18, “Details” kind of spoke to me the most? It’s so hard to choose just one favorite!! :) Wonderful job, I cannot wait to see more! ❤️❤️��

    1. Aww thank you! I liked that one, too! It makes me miss my great-grandma so much, though! <3

  2. Ooh, pictures! :D My favorite is probably "Three of a Kind", but I thought the " Picture of a Picture" one was nice too. And I like "Blue".. Your sister? She's adorable! :) I think they're all very lovely.. ;)

    1. Aww thank you, Jenny! Picture of a Picture is my great-grandpa and Blue is my baby sister, yes! I love your mountain photography, too!! <3

  3. The last one, Photo of the Week!


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