Thursday, May 4, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Blog

If you don't have a blog, have never had a blog, and never aspire to write a blog or have any kind of personal website... you, my friend, are anomaly. Because everyone has their face on the internet somewhere these days.

But. If you do happen to be in that safe zone of still wanting a blog or site, but not yet having one, here are five straightforward reasons you shouldn't change that status.

1. You should not start a blog for the money. 

If you've heard you can start a website and put in some strategically-placed advertisements and retire at 25, just stop. It's all a lie. Some of the Modest on Purpose bloggers have scored some free clothes in exchange for reviews and blog posts, but money? Hahaha. Ha. No. If you're in it for the get-rich-quick reason, kindly allow me to crush your dreams. Trust me, taking this word seriously will be easier than pouring your soul into a blog just to find out the hard way I was right.

(Ahem. Money or fame, btw.)

2. You should not start a blog if you don't enjoy creating content. 

This goes not only for "blogging", proper, but for any kind of personal website. 

If you want to manage a photography site, it will not work if you do not enjoy taking pictures. 

If you want to write a blog like I have going here, it will not work if you do not enjoy creating topics and writing posts. 

Yes, you can do anything for a month or two. Survive in a holocaust camp. Maintain a blog you don't enjoy creating content for. But let's be realistic. If you don't enjoy it, and you aren't getting rich off of it, it won't be long-term. 

3. You should not start a blog if you just want to vent. 

Pouring out all of your emotions can be interesting to read if you're going through a particularly rough time, but not if it's relationship woes or all of your tears in type form about how "woe is me, life is so hard, I mean, like, my daddy won't buy me a new car and I really need it to get to the Ivy League he's paying for me to attend because this used one will never do. Wah..." Eh. No thanks. 

Invest in a journal, y'all. 

4. You should not start a blog because someone else says you should. 

This is kind of like the enjoyment point. If you are writing a blog because someone else thinks you'd be good at it, it'll be like politics. You'd be writing for them and when they lose interest, you no longer will have any value.

You have to write for something bigger than a person.

You have to live for something bigger than a person.

Don't write for me. Never place your happiness in me. Or anyone else.

The best cause to do anything for is the cause of Christ.

5. You should not start a blog if you only have one thing to say. 

If nothing so far has dissuaded you from starting the blog you are dreaming about, hear a word of advice: it needs to be about more than one thing.

Having a focused priority is great! Maybe you can blog about your journey through a disease you are living with—that holds a great interest, and a lot of people would probably love to read that kind of blog!

However, if you show us your blood pressure numbers from every day, and that's your blog, it's way too focused. Broaden it out! Sure, share your numbers, but share pics, too! Share your feelings on this season of your life. Share how this changes your life from what it used be or what normal is for the people around you.

Broaden your scope. :)

So, if you have a very narrow idea of what to write on, I would brainstorm some related topics you can write on before opening that Wordpress. :)

The hardest part of blogging is reading it back. 

(A year or two later.)

If I say something with an edge of emotion or a fleeting passion, it's there forever.

If I ever at all do God an injustice or misrepresent Him, now many nonbelievers could be pushed further away from Him, as long as my words last on the World Wide Web.

My personal Facebook account is about 8 or 9 years old now!! Wow! But, fun fact number two, it's only been "mine" for about 3 years. Before that, it was my mom's account, and then she changed it to my name. So you know how you get those notifications "on this day" [however many years ago] you shared this status or picture? Well, I get notifications from those of things my mom shared 8, 9+ years ago!

Sometimes, 8 or 9 years ago, my mom shared her emotions on Facebook, and now they're there forever, and I'm sure she didn't even mean them! She would never ever re-share those memories, and I wonder if I'll feel that way about my blog posts in 8, 9 years... I hope not!!

It's almost terrifying!! Can I be sure what I'm publishing today will be solid for re-sharing 20 or 30 years from now??


The only thing that helps me overcome this hurdle/fear is God's Word.

God is the only unchangeable, perfect foundation. If I ground everything on Him and His Word, it will be true and good as long as time lasts. It's when it's founded on me or what I feel about things when change and imperfection taints it. God's already given His Word, and it is absolutely perfect—I cannot tell you anything better than it can.

If none of these scare you away from blogging, you can firmly lay out there for the world to see your Foundation, and you can be brave enough to leave old blog posts out there for the world to see even though you wish you could delete them, because you have faith God used you to write that and God used even that in your life to bring you to the spot you are... go on.

(And try to avoid run-on sentences ^ 😉.)

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  1. I might have started my blog because someone asked me *ducks under cushion as I dodge the rotten fruit* xD
    But I must say; I've enjoyed it way more than I thought I would! But I do have one more thing to add to your list:

    6. You should not start a fashion blog
    Because believe it or not, your fashion choices probably are questionable. Yes, a few people can make it work, but that doesn't mean you can. In reality, only your mom cares about what you wore to HEB!!

    Awesome blog, though! I look forward to reading more.

    1. I might have started a fashion blog. *grabs another cushion for cover, fearing tomato stains on my uber-fashionable outfit* (kidding, kidding) ;D

      BUT, having grown up a few years since starting said fashion blog, I do agree with you. It doesn't really matter. It's just clothes.

      Thanks! I'll look forward to seeing you around, and I'll be sure to take a look-see around your blog, too! Have a lovely day! :)

    2. I do think some fashion blogs are awesome, but for the most part, no.
      I hope you have a lovely day as well!

  2. Okay, this post was awesome. And so true!! I totally agree with all your points, and two things made me laugh really hard. (I bet you can probably guess ;) 1. "Kindly allow me to crush your dreams." Oh, why thank you!! You're too sweet... You shouldn't have! ;P 2. The entire last paragraph of the venting point. Oh my goodness. Wah... :'DDD

    1. Well! One post on "how I made 2 million last year by quitting my job and writing a blog" and a whole new flock of young adults migrates onto the scene. Nope. I mean, maybe. But only if you're willing to sell yourself (and your opinions) out. And only if you have some extra money sitting around to invest in the thing on the front end. And only if, and only if, and only if...

      You understand me, though. ;)

  3. I actually know a fashion blogger who makes an income from her blogging, and it's even helping her put herself through school! But it's not like she just sits back and writes a post here and there and the money comes in lol She's been doing it for years and puts a lot of work into it! :)

    1. That's awesome! I know several bloggers who make some money. BUT I'm of a mind that all those bloggers who actually are financially successful probably (at least initially) were doing it for another reason. Otherwise, it would have been crushing to not make any money for so long until they built up a platform. I just really would say to do it for something bigger—Someone bigger. :) It does take a lot of work, though! I try to keep up, but life... ;) I could borrow some of your punctuality and rigid scheduling habits, maybe? Haha!


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