Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coming Soon: Peculiar on Purpose Q&A

Hey y'all!

Happy spring!

I do have tons of posts in draft awaiting my finishing touches for to publish here on the blog, but in the mean time, I was wondering if anyone has any questions for me?

I get questions sometimes, in comments or private contact forms, about myself, my family, what I believe, my education/homeschooling/college work, photography, blogging, writing, editing, and etc. Why not answer them all at once?

So! If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment them below or send a contact form (via the contact page)!! The contact form does require an email address, but comments may be submitted anonymously, if you'd like. And ask multiple things; I don't mind!

I don't know yet if I'll answer all questions at once, or spread out, but be sure to subscribe to the blog, so you'll see the questions and answers as they're published! [Just as a reminder, you may subscribe via the subscribe bar on the top right of the page in web version or via the contact page in mobile version.]

Disclaimer: a question submitted does not guarantee an answer. Questions will be made public and answered at my discretion.

Thanks, guys! Have an awesome week!


  1. This is such a great idea! :) I've already asked you quite a few questions,about everything from college credits to your favorite color to sugar free recipes. (Or perhaps I haven't asked you what your favorite color is yet. ;) I'll email you a question!

  2. I would love to know why your parents decided to home school you and your siblings and why you want to home school. Everyone does it for different reasons.


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