Saturday, February 25, 2017

Resting Amidst the Waves

Crash! Another wave pounded the men, some falling prostrate, all grabbing for a holding, lest they be drug out with the receding waters pelting them to the rhythm of an old clock in need of winding.

It hadn't seemed like a bad evening for travel when they had loaded up on the far shore; the clouds and winds had overtaken them quite suddenly. Even for fishermen, used to the elements and surprises the sea could throw at a man, this was looking worse and worse by the minute.

"I don't think we're gonna to make it, John—you think we should wake Him?"

"Come now, Peter, you know we've dealt with a few waves before."

"No way. No way we can make it," Thomas interjected sullenly, coming to terms with a fate at the bottom of the sea.

The waves were relentless, in pursuit of their very lives. Peter hadn't lost all hope yet, but Thomas's assessment was sounding about right. He'd seen a lot of waves in his time, but never this bad—and they weren't going to be stopping any time soon, either. Peter glanced upwards once again, hoping for some sign of an impending break in the storm. Nothing but clouds of the ugliest grey as far as he could see, which was admittedly not far, what for the torrential downpour and towering waves. This wind was completely unnatural... almost like—he had it!

This was that darker power. The evil in the world. The Prince of Darkness.

Certainly this storm could only have been brewed by the Devil himself, Peter knew he was onto something.

He waved over the men, yelling unintelligibly to catch their attentions.

"We need Him!" Peter raised his voice to be heard between wave crashes. "This is a war!" He cried, gesturing towards the fighting between clouds and sea for the dominance of the sky. Another wave plummeted them all. "He is our warrior!"

It wasn't Peter's usual style of a meeting, but they all seemed to follow his line of thinking, nodding in agreement, whilst wiping the seawater from their dripping faces and beards.

"Let us go down together." Peter rallied the men. They were somber as the reality of this battle dawned upon their consciences. Their Son of God versus the Evil One. This was it.

Their shoes sloshed down the steps leading towards the far back on the bottom level of the boat. It took awhile to make the walk, what with losing their balance again and again as the boat tossed all which ways.

They gathered around Him. No one moved. No one said anything.

"Lord..." John began, having been nudged forward by Peter. "Save us."

The Son of Man opened His eyes and scanned the men's faces surrounding Him. He wasn't urgent. He didn't seem to mind the violet rocking of the boat.

"Lord!" Thomas couldn't take this any longer. The boat was nigh unto sideways in every wave; their lives were about to expire, and their Lord's with them. Christ turned to look at Thomas, awaiting what the disciple wanted to tell Him. "We perish! Don't you care?"

Was that a smirk? Was this Man really smirking at Thomas? Did He really wish to die in this manner?

"Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?"

Faith? What does faith have to do with this?! We're all about to be fish bait! Thomas kept his thoughts to himself.

The boat was going down. There was no hope. Nothing to hold faith in. The stairs from the upper deck had turned into a full-blown waterfall, and there was still no cloud-break in sight. They were in the belly of their tomb.

The men shot glances at each other, sharing in the disappointment of this pathetic fate.

Christ was watching them, observing, like a science experiment on how a group of grown men might act when they realize they're about to die.
Slowly, purposefully, Christ arose from his bed, and walked back up the stairway's waterfall unwaveringly.
By the time the other men stumbled back up to the deck, the Messiah was on the far end, away from the stairway, rebuking the winds. "Peace, be still," He commanded.
They obeyed.
He turned again to them, the boat still water-logged, but the waves were back in their places, below them.

"Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?"

No one answered. How could they? What kind of person can control the winds and the sea? How could they have known?

~ ~ ~

These past few weeks—well, months, if I'm honest—are blurring together in the review mirror of my mind. Like the commuters' headlights streaking together along an out-bound metropolis highway at the end of a long work day. It's a lot, and you see it, but it's just a splotchy, busy mess, and not worthy of really zooming in on. I just feel spent. Too busy. Too stretched.

The other day, I was relating my life to a storm, in my mind. This above story from the Gospels (Matthew 8 and Mark 4) is the first Scripture that popped into my head.

Woah. I wish Christ could just come into the storms of my life and command, "peace, be still", I thought.

I wish He could just quench my waves.

I wish He would tone out the winds tearing up my sails.

O ye of little faith!

I heard the rebuke in my heart.

I bit my lip in instant guilt and regret—I know the story too well to have not learned the lesson from it! I wouldn't be in any storm or wavy tumult if it wasn't His will, and for His own glory! Come, Kimberly, you know this.

But where was Christ during that storm, in Matthew 8 and Mark 4? I don't know why my thoughts would have jumped to that, except by His power.

Christ was resting.

What do I get from that? Well, I do not believe that means if we're struggling, Christ is asleep in our lives or just not helping. That's ridiculous.

But if we're to be Christ-like, and Christ was resting, even during the storm, should I be able to do the same...?

Life is going to have storms. Waves. Waves that will be absolutely insurmountable in our own power.

I am supposed to be learning to rest in God's power and love—yes, in faith—even through those inevitable storms.

This is just so beautiful to me.

The world has distorted my idea of rest, probably. Because, in my mind's eye, rest kind of looks like a Bed and Breakfast nestled in the mountains of Colorado, an empty schedule, and plenty of spending money.

But God is showing me: I can rest in Him amidst the waves. No need to have a restful schedule to be at rest in Him and His will.

Hopefully my schedule will slow down a little bit soon, anyways, but I'm not going to wait for that day to rest.

Give that burden to Jesus, friends! His rest is so good for the soul!

What has God been teaching you?


  1. Kimberly... Whoa! (I'm going to spell the word correctly so you can see the appropriate placement of the 'h'. ;) This post was so neat! As I'm sure most of your readers can claim,I have read that passage several times. I've heard sermon after sermon on it.. the fierce storm,the faithless disciples, the power of God. But as you wove the story from the Biblical account, I could picture those tumultuous waves,imagine the taste of the seawater...I nearly got seasick! :) Had I been there I would have been even worse than Thomas. My faith is so weak in comparison! And yet what an assurance it it that we CAN rest during the storms of life.

    Anyway! I really love this post! :) I hope your stormy life settles down a little bit,but in the meantime, I'll be praying that you would have peace and rest amidst the storms.

    1. Well, well, well... Whoa vs. Woah is a stylistic preference, technically, last I checked. ;) I personally can't stand the way 'whoa' sounds in my head. I don't know; it looks like WHO-a or whOAA to me, and 'woah' reads more like what I actually say in conversation. Maybe I'll tone back on my usage altogether... You should get into editing!!

      I agree! We forget how very real that was for them. There's no way I would have been any more strong in the faith than they.

      Thanks, Jenny!! I appreciate your prayers so, and I've been praying for you, too!! <3 <3 Have a great visit with Mykaela for me!!

  2. :) I noticed that you spelled it as "woah" in a previous post,and I looked it up to see if I'd been spelling it incorrectly all these years. I was surprised to discover that it's apparently a pretty big deal to some people! I just thought that it was such a silly thing to argue over, and since I delight in such things,I made sure to mention it the next time you used the word as a joke. It honestly doesn't matter to me which way you spell your interjections! I'll stick with "whoa" because that's the only way I can picture the word,but I wasn't really serious about being offended by it! :)

    I had a wonderful time with Mykaela, thanks! It is so good to be home.... :D


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