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Fun Post: Liebster Tag


No, it's not English.

'Lieb' means 'Love' in German. The suffix '-ster' is very similar to an English superlative. 'Liebster', then, means something along the lines of 'Beloved', or 'Most Loved'.

As far as I can tell, the Liebster Tag (previously, "Liebster Award") began as a way to recognize and promote your favorite and/or new bloggers. (What an idea!)

I was tagged by Halee of Writer Ramblings & Things to participate in this blogger "tag". And I'm finally doing it. Look out for another such type of tag post next week, because I'm apparently a fun person to tag, or something...

The Rules:

     1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
     2. Answer the eleven questions.
     3. Tag eleven other bloggers, and let them know you've done so.
     4. Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions.

[Side note: I'm only tagging Mykaela. If you have a blog, and like this sort of thing, comment and I'll write you in, link you up, and we can all go read your version, too!]

My Questions:

     1. If you could meet one of your favorite authors, who would it be?

Wait... still alive or all time? Still alive: Janette Oke. Of all time: Jane Austen.

     2. Least favorite sport to watch? Least favorite sport to play?

Okay, Halee, that's actually two questions. For watching, golf. For playing, ummm... tackle football? I pretty much enjoy playing all sports (that I've tried, anyways).

     3. What kind of music style do you like?

Southern Gospel and Bluegrass are my favorite styles. I also really love Irish Folk. And oldies (like the classy 40's stuff). Anything on the piano. I just really like music, okay? ;)

     4. If you could [choose] one way to "play" music, and it never go obsolete, what would it be? (vinyl, cassette, CD's, MP3, etc.)

Oh... maybe vinyl?

     5. What's your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

Pride and Prejudice. The 1995 one with Colin Firth. It's JUST like the book. It's the best. 

     6. What does your ideal (dream but still practical) home look like?

I like farmhouses. I like old houses. I like brick and white clapboard. I like space and fresh air and chicken coops. I like multiple stories and wood-burning stoves and wrap-around front porches. I like libraries with built-in book shelves. I like big kitchens where the whole family can bake Christmas cookies together. I like clotheslines. Dirt roads don't bother me. A dream home, for me, would be a collaboration of all of those ideas.

     7. Favorite food to snack on?

You mean besides Oreos? Just kidding. Except not really. I like red grapes a lot.

     8. If you were paid $100,000, what would you do with it?

Okay, well first I would ask why I was paid so much money. If it was babysitting, or something, I might contemplate babysitting once or twice more before retirement. If it was like a one-time thing, an inheritance, maybe, after tithing, I would start by investing a good chunk of it into many different mutual funds. Next, I would take Kristen on a Journey to the Heart. I would go to a TESOL certification class. Then, I would go and teach English in Burma for a couple of months. Come home, renew my visa, and repeat. In the mean time, I would also consider investing in some stocks, or opening a cakery-type business/store front. Who knows? I would mostly just want to pray to find God's plan for my life and seek wise counsel from my parents before any rash decisions were made.

     9. Are you old enough to vote this November? If so, who are you voting for? (not to get harsh and political, just state your opinion, don't force it.)

I voted for Donald Trump. I don't want him as a personal friend, but I think he'll be a pretty good business manager for the United States.

[P.S. Yes, I was tagged to do this like two months before the election. I'm so behind. Sorry, Halee!]

     10. Do you like to read as a past time?

Oh yes.

     11. What song gives you the most feels?

First of all, that word- 'feels'- gives me the heebie jebbies. Just sayin'. But what song inspires me? 'My I Am', written by one of my best friends, Mykaela, is one of my absolute favorites. I also get chill bumps listening to Vocal Point/The Piano Guy's 'Nearer My God to Thee'. (But, seriously, why are Mormons so talented?!)

I Hereby Tag:

     1. Mykaela of Making Music for the Master
     11. If you want to do the tag on your own blog, I'll link you up in this list!! As you can see, I'm very open to suggestions!! Haha! I just don't want to tag people who aren't interested in things like this.

Your Questions

1. Besides the Bible, what is one book that has changed your life?
2. What color are your bedroom walls?
3. Favorite season?
4. Beaches or Mountains?
5. Have you figured out how to answer the "What do you want to be when you grow up?/What do you want to do with your life?" question? If so, let's here what you've got!
6. If you had a time machine, when and where would you travel first? Why?
7. What is your purpose behind blogging?
8. What is your current "life verse"?
9. If your house was burning down, and your family was already safe, what two things would you grab?
10. What do you wish you had more of?
11. If you could broadcast one sentence across the entire earth, where literally every human being alive would hear your words in their own language, what would you say?

Thanks for reading, everyone! Anything in that list you didn't already know about me?


  1. Fun!!! I gladly accept the tag.;) I loved reading your answers! And you are so sweet... I can't believe "My I Am" even made the list!! :O

    1. I love your answers, too! And I really like all of your songs!! 'My I Am' is just my most favorite. :D

  2. Great answers!!! And sorry about the "feels" thing....I've since developed a hatred for the word!!!!!!

  3. Oh,I agree with just about all your answers! I love Janette Oke and Jane Austen (it really does make a difference in the answer whether or not the person is allowed to be dead..most of my favorite authors have passed on already.) :(

    I'm not really a sporty person,but watching golf is agonizing! And tackle football just hurts. ;)

    I love vinyl,and cassettes,and CDs! (I'm very old for my age! ;) I like any old,old music (or at least what's considered old nowadays),most every sad,sweet song,most older musical numbers,etc. My taste in music is extremely unusual according to the world's point of view. (thank heaven! I don't want to be thought of as a normal teenager! ;) I like bluegrass for a little while but after about five or six songs it kind of gets on my nerves for some reason. But I really like Irish songs (,and Irish accents,and Irish landscapes, etc!). What are some of your favorite Irish folk songs?

    *and of course it goes without saying that I love My I Am..and everything Mykaela's written so far! :D

    I like your responses for the dream house/if I had $100,000 questions, and I love the way you answered the question "Do you like to read as a past time?" Oh,yes. :) Me too!!

    1. Teehee! (< See what I did there?)

      Golf. Yes. Boring! Also, my grandpa was a huge nascar fan when I was little, and whenever we went to their house for Sunday afternoons, he'd just sit and watch the cars go around and around and around and I couldn't handle that. I was debating about if I should put golf of nascar.

      How old is very old? Beethoven? Frank Sinatra? Sorry! I'm just curious! I feel like Bluegrass just runs in my veins. I might have to post some of my favorite specific songs on a later post! My absolute favorite Irish fiddlist is Niamh Gallagher. I have been known to listen to songs in Celtic, though! And The Johnson Strings' have a song called 'Irish Legend' which I just love!

      You're so fun, Jenny! I love how we have so much in common!

  4. :) I'm not sure who started the whole "tee hee" thing...most likely my older sister. But my family uses it all the time (that or "henc,henc",from the book Belles on Their Toes..have you read that? It's a book on a great big family's life after the father dies. It's a sequel to Cheaper By the Dozen, and based on a true story about the Gilbreth family of 14 :) Anyway,I just recently realized that I've never really heard anybody outside my family say "tee hee". At least now it's getting some recognition! :P

    Maybe I'd appreciate golf more if I understood it's purpose. That's the main reason that I'm not into sports..I just don't see a purpose to them. I do enjoy baseball every so often,like any good American ought. :) And I think figure skating is very pretty! Basketball, hockey, soccer,and such are okay,I guess. But golf,boxing,wrestling... Yuck. I know!!! Nascar can be really silly! (Yeah,I'm getting paid to drive around and around in circles really fast in a car covered with advertisements until I eventually win a big cup with handles on it or crash and die..:) It just isn't for me.

    "How old is very old?" Hmm. I like classical music,yes,but I was referring more to Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby,Dean Martin,Doris Day,the Carpenters annd Kate Smith. Everyone just makes fun of my sister and I because while other teenagers are listening to Justin Bieber (or whoever young hooligans listen to nowadays,I don't really have a clue :) we're singing along to The War Years or some such thing. I love old TV shows,corny musicals (like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers :),and black and white movies. (Fred Astaire,stuff like that.) My mother teases me when I ask if she used to listen to my kind of music when she was growing up. She says it was outdated even then,so I guess not. :P Oh,I love the Gaelic language. I've been trying to memorize the words to a song called "Buachaill on Eirne" for a long time,but it's rather difficult when you don't speak the language! My all-time favorite Irish CD is Bing Crosby's Top of the Morning Irish Collection.. It's pretty great! I'll have to look into the ones you mentioned. ;)

    It always strikes me as amazing that God created us so uniquely yet we can still relate to another. Mykaela and I are as different as night and day on some issues and characteristics, and yet we have so much in common! I love finding out more about you! :)

  5. This looks fun to do!



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