Monday, December 5, 2016

The Most Powerful Prayer a Believer Can Pray

David Gibbs is one of my top three favorite preachers ever. We've listened to most of the YouTube videos featuring his sermons, and I've yet to hear a less-than-excellent one. He's even better in person, though, so if you ever get the chance to go somewhere where he'll be speaking, I would very highly recommend it.

One new sermon I heard from him a few weeks ago was on the "Most Powerful Prayer" a Believer can pray*. (So, it's the second most powerful prayer for anyone.)

It kind of blew my mind that I had never heard of this before.

The most powerful prayer I can pray?! Why isn't this highlighted in more sermons?!

Throughout the sermon, I couldn't help but remembering my blogging efforts. What I write is an extension of myself, and publishing it makes me very vulnerable. When I get negative comments (some I do; some I don't publish) my whole day is kind of... tainted. I opened up another corner of my heart for the world to see, and at least one person really didn't like it, or argued my points, or told me that because of that post they won't be following me anymore. It hurts.

I'm just trying to share lessons I'm learning- it's a good outlet for me to practice writing, and it's made me more aware of how God is working in my life. Maybe in the process I can direct some other weary soul towards the Light.

You don't have to hate me for it.

Or even if you do.. you don't have to inform me as to such.

Any way it goes, though, I've been trying to publish blog posts that more people would like. You know, to get more publicity, more Pinterest pins and Facebook shares, more comments, more subscribers... That's what bloggers are supposed to strive towards, aren't they?

So maybe my posts have gone soft. I've told myself that it's not my place to preach, so it's good that I've rounded the corners of my sermons in type.

But now I get it.

It didn't matter if my posts were fun or harsh or instructive or expository.

If I worked as the hands of God to type a blog post He wanted to give to just one person who He knew needed that message, my mission was accomplished.

The number of Pinterest pinners has no correlation with the Great Commission.

So I'm done.

I'm done writing of my own skills, and praying God "honors my efforts".

I'm done sketching out schedules of what posts I want to post which weeks (because, shouldn't this be a Christmas-y post?!), and asking Him to "bless this mess".

I'm done editing my posts and paraphrasing Holy Scripture, and expecting results from the One I'm slighting.

I've found a new formula.

It's that prayer.

The one that David Gibbs says is the most powerful a Believer can pray.

It's praying the prayer. Every day. And meaning it.

It starts with acknowledging that I can't.

I can't win the world to Christ.

I can't blog through the Holy Spirit through my sheer will and strength.

I can't even manage my own life: finances, direction, spiritually, mentally, physically, relationally...

I really, really need Him.

Even if the blog is 50%-50%, it's going to crash and burn, and never accomplish anything for the Kingdom. It must be 100% God.

So, the prayer.

The one I now pray every day when I wake.

The one I believe God is answering through my writing this post today (because it's not from me!).

Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands.

(Nehemiah 6:9b)

O, that He would work through me! That my work should be all from Him! That nothing I utter would be tainted by my own flesh!

Can I perfectly achieve that this side of heaven? No.

Can I crucify myself everyday, tell God I can't without Him, and pray He would strengthen my hands? Yes.

Truly, indeed, anything bad you see is me [doing my best]. All the glory for the good you see goes to Him!

Can you pray this prayer?

Now therefore, O God, please strengthen my hands!

*(If you would like to view the full sermon for yourself, here is the direct link to the YouTube video!)


  1. Kimberly, thank you for sharing so much of yourself in this post! On behalf of everyone who has been inspired,challenged,exhorted,and encouraged to do more in their walk with God by this blog (I know I'm not the only one),thank you for writing it. You pour so much of your time,energy,and heart into these posts and we do appreciate it. We may not always say so,and we might not always find the words to express our gratitude, and we might not be able to figure out how to comment all the time (OK,so that's probably just me,struggling with the simplest technology... :) but we do appreciate it! So thank you,and may the Lord bless you for your efforts.

    And those people who make negative comments? My thought is that they either don't understand the things of God you're referencing (most likely because they're unsaved) or they are under conviction for sin in their life that they are trying to push aside by picking on you. Others may just be honestly confused on points you are trying to make!☺

    Also,this may seem incongruous due to your resolution not to blog for likes on social media,but I pinned this in Pinterest. (Sorry, couldn't help myself! It's a good post! :)

    Keep up the good work,and "may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ" be with you and your family!

  2. This is awesome, Kimberly! Something we all need to hear :)

  3. Wonderful truth! I greatly admire the efforts you take to glorify the Lord and I can see Him working through you. Keep striving! You are an encouragment to me!

    In Christ,


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