Thursday, December 29, 2016

Peculiar on Purpose: The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

Popularity is seriously over-rated. Peculiarity is where it's at.

Nevertheless, I thought this was a fitting post to put out there, heading into a new year. :)

My ten most popular posts from 2016. (Stats taken from post clicks/reads via Blogger analytics.)

See a title you missed? Been meaning to come back and re-read your favorite? Read the posts again by clicking the titles in bold (they double as links!).

10. One Last Missions Trip Post + Pictures

I really love this one! I posted chronological posts from my trip to Burma/Thailand, but this is just a plethora of extra pictures I just love and wanted to share. And stories to accompany the pictures. It's just beautiful, and it makes my heart happy.

9. Ten Qualities of a Great Friend

This post was more challenging to write than you might imagine. I definitely don't measure up to all of these ten things we should be striving for within our friendships, and God worked through this post to grow my spirit, too!

8. Blogger Book Tag (You're It!)

That was so funnnn!! I want to find another "book tag" to pass along! Seriously, probably the most fun I've had writing a blog post all year AND it's about books! Check it out if you're looking for book recommendations. ;)

7. She Reached for My Hand: Lessons I'm Learning in Big-Sisterhood

A little story of how my baby sister, Katherin, made me re-evaluate the priority I place on my relationship with the LORD. It's really amazing what lessons God will teach you (yes, even just around your family), when you ask for guidance, and open your eyes to see it!

6. Burma (Slash Thailand) Missions Trip 2016 + Pictures - Part 2/2

My chronological Thailand post with pictures and a rough timeline. I didn't include every little thing we did, but that's mostly because I didn't want to wear you out with all of that reading.

5. Burma Missions Trip 2016 + Pictures - Part 1/2

The Burma version of the same, above. I kind of like my Burma pictures better than my Thailand pictures, though, so maybe that's why this post edged out Part 2 in popularity...?

4. Twenty Things I Learned on my Missions Trip to a Third-World Country

I poured my heart out for this one, and I love the way it turned out! It's kind of hard for me to read, honestly, because it still invokes so many raw emotions. But there are pictures on that one, too.

3. Thoughts on Homeschooling From a Homeschooler

I guess this was a topic of interest to the people of the internet! Cool! I have a lot of thoughts on my homeschool education (especially positive now that it's over... hahaha), and I have a few more post ideas on the topic in the works. Still waiting for the burst of inspiration needed to finish them up, is all! :)

2. Five Ways I Pray for My Future Husband

The title is pretty self-explanatory, no? If you ever wonder about the lack of relationship-topical posts around here, it's because I am completely inexperienced in the realm, and I'm not a fan of writing on things I am nearly-clueless on. However, I do pray. A lot. Including these five ways.

1. Ten Books For Every Christian Young Lady

Aww, I love this post, too!! I love book lists, anyways, so this post just makes my heart happy; 10 books that really helped mold my heart after Christ during the Dark Ages of Teenagerhood.

This post, though, is not only my post popular this year, or ever, but has reached double the views of even my second place finisher!! Thank you so, so much for the support, guys!!

(But just ten books is seriously not even enough. So maybe be looking for a Part 2 sometime in 2017?? Maybe. ;)

~ ~ ~

What was your favorite post?

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