Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Been a Long Day

Yawning. That's what I'm currently up to. Also, now that my six little responsibilities, er, I mean, siblings, are in bed, all I really want to do is crack open my Charles Dickens and lose myself in a fictitious English fantasy. Or else, go brew a late night coffee with the Keurig. Coffee sounds good when I'm freezing. I'm freezing right now.

But it's Monday.

What can I post?

I'm just really thankful to have actually lived through this day; posting on the blog has been kind of entirely unimportant to me today.

For one thing, a certain un-named little sister locked us all out of the house. So much for a quick game of tag.

Another sister magically had a papoerclip in her coat pocket. Too bad they don't teach picking locks in high school.

The locksmith made $70 in about 90 seconds of work, and if I wasn't the most relieved big sister ever right now, I might consider suing for extortion.

Then I burned my thumb on the oven rack whilst baking cookies for the neighbors, who helped us call a locksmith in our time of freezing desperation. Because who needs their phone for a quick game of tag?

Said finger burn just happens to be on the same thumb I burned very badly in 2013 (it was a borderline 2nd/3rd degree burn, I had to keep it wrapped for 6 weeks, and then it was another month before I had full mobility with it again). So... Okay, maybe its just in my head, but I'm kind of thinking this oven burn hurts more than a normal oven burn, because it's my burn thumb. But the oven was 375 degrees, so I don't know. It just hurts.

Anyways. As my gift to you, at the end of this endless day, I give you the twenty minutes it took to write this post (on mobile, thus with only my right pointer finger), because even though my Dickens is beckoning, I wanted you all to know that today was still a happy Monday.

I'm still alive. And so are the tiny humans in my charge.

Also, when you go to God's Word seeking His peace (and thanking Him for creating locksmiths, extortioners though they be), He is so good and so faithful to attend our wounds!

He brought this verse before my eyes tonight. Its just what I needed!

“From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

(Psalm 61:2)

(I'm going to say the hot shower helped, too, just for the record. 😉)

I hope I'm not cutting this whole thing too short, because I do love you all, and everything... But... My book is calling me! And I must go! Good night, world! 


  1. Wow,that's quite a day! At our old house in Cashmere the outside doors hardly ever locked,so if someone did manage to get them locked we could usually get in through the windows. I don't think we ever actually got locked out. My little sister did lock herself in the bathroom on accident once,which was quite scary for a while. Thankfully my dad managed to talk her through the process of unlocking the the stubborn deadbolt. And while I only have three younger siblings, I think I can empathize with the big-sister frustration!

    Cookie sheets always get me too. :( I hope you enjoyed your Dickens! I'll take Austen instead,though.☺ Thanks for posting!

    1. Our locks here are so tight! I feel safe, but I'll also be taking a ring of keys out with me more often... haha!

      Austen is my favorite, but I really enjoyed 'Great Expectations'!

      Thanks for commenting, Jenny!! <3

  2. Glad everything worked out. Hope your finger gets better soon. Enjoy your Dickens an relax.

    1. My finger healed up much faster than I anticipated! Yay! It was one crazy day, to be sure!

  3. I've found that there's always something to be thankful for, even on those really inconvenient days! :)

    1. You're right! And we know Whom to thank for every good and perfect gift!! :)

  4. This is so great! We must always remember that God gives us everything, both our good and bad. But bad experiences can teach lessons and force you to be humble. For all the bad, we have been given life as He saw fit. Stay grateful for oven burns! Be sure to keep your faith in God and your finger safe!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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