Monday, November 21, 2016

Favorites: Fall 2016 + Pictures

Fall has been... good. Adventuresome. A little warmer than I prefer. Happy. Sad. Busy.

Concluding my little mini-series to ring in Thanksgiving, here is a post recapping some of my favorite everythings from Fall 2016. Kind of like I'm giving thanks for them, right?


Persuasion, by Jane Austen
(I actually only gave it three stars on Goodreads. But it was good. I just like Jane Austen, in general. She thinks like I do.)

Sanctuary, by Beverly Lewis
(I've been so long away from Amish fiction. I've hardly done Christian fiction, either, these past couple of years. But this book was so good! I've owned it for a few years, and just read it for the first time in September. I really, really recommend it! Extremely suspenseful.)


'The Power of Prayer' by David Gibbs
I love this sooo much!! "Believing in prayer is not the same as praying"!!

'That's My King' by S.M. Lockridge
It's only three and a half minutes, but the chill bumps last for an hour. So, SO amazingly beautiful. Must-listen!!

'God's Righteous Wrath' by Troy Dorrell
Audio only, but it's one of those sermons you need to hear every once in a while. God is Love, but more than Love. And science can't define God because God created science! But... just go listen. He says it better than I ever could.

>Television & Movies<

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Of course.

North and South. BBC. Mykaela was here, so...

Little House on the Prairie. Because I hadn't seen an episode in years, and then my parents bought the entire series a couple months ago. And all homeschoolers said... "amen".


Paleo Double Chocolate Cookies. AKA the best double chocolate cookies to pass my lips, bar none.

THM No Bake Snack Bars from Briana Thomas. I pinned these forever ago on my THM Pinterest board (BTW - "THM" is short for Trim Healthy Mama, a eating/lifestyle plan, low in sugar, and focusing on healthy fats and carbs), but I didn't ever make them because the pictures just weren't that appetizing. I finally caved and tried them, and have already made two batches this month! Totally delicious!

Annie's Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams. I've loved Annie's Cheddar Bunnies since I was 6 and my mom owned her health food store and we ordered cases of the things, and so had "extra" in the back room for snack time. But I never liked the chocolate ones. And that opinion holds. So when my mom pulled out a case of the chocolate chip Bunny Grahams at Family Camp, I passed by with a "bleh". I ended up trying one for good measure, anyways. And the entire case was consumed within two weeks. SO. NUMMY.

Zevia Cream Soda, because I really, really like a good cream soda, but I don't like the calories and sugar, and when I drink this, I close my eyes and think I'm drinking the real stuff, but it's the same guilt as water. It's also my favorite flavor of Zevia. And I've tried almost every flavor. So you should, too.

++Extra Things++

Shoebox. Free Unlimited Photo Backup. <3

Family Camp. Amazing, as always. Oh, and our FC volleyball team placing second was pretty cool, too. There were a few pictures from FC in this post.

I passed my Western Civilizations 1 CLEP exam! Whew. Shout-out to InstantCert for getting me out of that one!

*Blogs & Articles*

Left My Heart in Africa. Y'all! Those pictures!! Those kids!!!

Global Encounters Blog. I have this disease. I call it Missions Trip Fever. It's contagious. If you want to know what it feels like, the Global Encounters Blog is basically as infested as it gets.

'What Men Really Think About Modesty' on TheFullTimeGirl. Very eye-opening and inspiring. Even if you don't need it. :)

'9 Sins the Church is Surprisingly OK With if You Love Jesus' on FaithIt. Oh, guys. All modern Christians need this splash in the face.

 ♫ Listening & Playing ♫

Just lots of Christmas music. Yes, already.

I have a Spotify Christmas-themed playlist featuring everyone from Dean Martin and Michael Bublé to Voctave and this song, Mykaela sent me a few weeks ago, and I really liked.

As for music I've been working on...

I have two solo arrangements I'm working on out of How Can I Fear (moderate to advanced piano solos by Shelly Hamilton), and a couple of Christmas pieces out of Christmas - Plain & Simple (solo piano sheet music by Michele McLaughlin).

I'm in the market for music! What would you recommend for some must-play classical pieces? Also, if you play an alto instrument, I'm taking suggestions for sheet music in alto clef! I technically can read alto clef music, but because I never practice (I don't have any alto clef music just lying around), it gets rusty...

⏭ Thrills ⏭

Ziplining with Mykaela. That girl, though. She crazy.

She even talked me into this thing:

But we had a lot of fun! After I came back to life after that rollercoaster-induced heart attack. ðŸ˜

Day trips to museums around Oklahoma with my family... Canoeing in the rain to get the last geocache at Family Camp... Indoor water parks in Branson... volleyball in the driveway... home church... sweet snail mail from friends...

It's been a good fall, y'all. ❤


  1. Hello there,Kimberly!

    I enjoyed hearing about your fall. I know it's been very busy and hard for your family,I'm so glad you've made time to thank the Lord for His blessings. I love that you're an Austen fan! I love Persuasion, but the things you mentioned against it in your Goodreads review are very true. The story isn't all that exciting,and Miss Austen never develops Captain Wentworth's character. I can relate to Anne so well,because she is quite practical, but it drives me batty about her that she can't make a decision by herself. Being a typical bossy elder sister,I like to make decisions, at least for other people. But then,were I in her situation, I can't say I'd do anything different. While I love to tell others what I think they ought to do, I tend to shy away from making major choices for myself. And if I had been considered a nonentity by my family all my life,as I think Anne was (at the very least her opinion was of little worth to her father and eldest sister), I should probably be even less inclined to do so. Anyway,I love it because I just love Jane Austen!☺

    I've never read Sanctuary, but I have read and enjoyed Beverly Lewis on the past,so I might try it. I don't read too much Amish fiction.

    Those sermons sound interesting, I look forward to listening to them! I love your movie choices!☺ The food sounds yummy too!

    Those blog articles were so neat..I especially liked the one on Faithit,it was really eye opening!


    What can you say? Mykaela can be very convincing. She made me go swimming in our frigid pool at midnight,and go rock-climbing with no safety equipment on the huge mountain back on Cashmere,putting me at risk of hypothermia, pneumonia, decapitation,and ultimately death. (OK,so it really wasn't rock climbing. And I actually had fun. :) Just looking at that video of the roller coaster made me queasy!

    May the Lord continue to bless you!
    Love in Christ,Jenny

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorites. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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