Monday, November 14, 2016

A Purposeful Thanksgiving

Hey, y'all!

So my spirits are a bit elevated this week...

1) The election is over, and I'm pleased with the outcome! Really, I wish Ted Cruz was president-elect. BUT. I am so, so relieved Hillary Clinton is not president-elect. Or Bernie Sanders. Yuck.

2) It finally really feels like fall! I have two blankets on my bed! Christmas movies are in the rotation!

3) I had a big editing job (I work a bit on the side as a freelance editor, which mostly means helping authors with their book manuscripts), and I'm so relieved to have it finished and sent in!

4) I ordered a bunch of yarn from Etsy, and my shipment came in on Thursday, and I'm busy knitting away at scarves. I've already completed two, and am half way through my third.

Anyways. Happy dance over. I've told myself I'm supposed to be writing on Thankfulness this month, so I'm just going to pass along a few more thoughts on that.

Story time!

Our family always, at Thanksgiving dinner, sits down with the food, and doesn't touch it until we go all the way around the table, each person naming a thing or three they are thankful for this year, and then praying. After that, we eat. But it's been good, I think, because the kids aren't confused about what the holiday is about. Food? Football? No. Thanksgiving.

On a specific Thanksgiving holiday, a few years ago, we were sitting down to a big, beautiful spread with family, and we all started going through our tradition of working our way around the table and each person giving a handful of things they're especially thankful for. After the little girls poured out thanks for salvation, home, family, homeschool, health... a certain family member chirped, "ditto".

That was all. No chuckle and brush-off. No list following the joke. Just "ditto".

You know what? They were probably really hungry. I was. And I don't hold any fault against that person; I've had so many more worse moments, myself.

But it's something I now know I don't want to do, myself. And I don't want any of you guys to, either.

I want us to have a list to give thanks for at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

So, how can we resist slipping into this attitude?

I think it starts with purposefulness.

No accidents. No floating. No rushing through the day, trying to will it to be Black Friday, already.


I've said it before, but I'll say it again...

Wherever you are, be all there.
- Jim Elliot

And that's what I want to focus on.

I want to have the mentality that if today is Thanksgiving, I am going to give thanks. And if I'm going to give thanks, I'm going to do so purposefully, with the goal of pointing everyone at that dining table back to the LORD and His glory.

Do we all get lost in the moment, thinking about the crescent rolls, and make mistakes, sometimes? Absolutely.

But let this be your warning.

Change now.

In Matthew 12:36, Jesus said, "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."

Don't mutter idle words.

Be purposeful. Give thanks. And if it makes you look peculiar, all the better for you!!


  1. I love your sentiments concerning Thanksgiving. Continued success with your knitting, that is one thing I want to get back to doing. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. Blessed Thanksgiving to you, as well, Marilyn!! <3

  2. Kimberly, your list of reasons for why your spirits were elevated made me shake my head and laugh at practically the same time! You are probably the only person I know who is pleased with the outcome of the election! I never liked Hillary Clinton,Bernie Sanders or anything they stood for,but I really, really dislike Donald Trump. I feel as though the only reason his campaign was successful is because it was fueled by the strong emotions of hatred, prejudice, discontent, and desire for personal gain. I can't really say whom I would have voted for had I been of age at the time of the vote. I was rooting for Senator Cruz in the primaries, and was quite disappointed when he suspended his campaign. After that I rather lost interest,or perhaps hope,in politics and the election. My family was busy with our move,and once we arrived in Stehekin we lost touch with the outside world completely. I'm so thankful that our hope is not in the election, or the new president-elect,or even in America. My hope,at least,is in Jesus Christ.��

    Your pride over having two blankets on your bed made me laugh...I'm coldblooded, and I think I've had three blankets on my bed all year round. Not thin blankets either,I mean a comforter, thick wool blanket, and a doubled up heavy fleece blanket! Perhaps the northern Cascades are a bit chillier than Oklahoma? ☺

    The knitting cracked me up too,not because you knit (I think that's neat!) but because I just learned how to do so. I was forced,actually. It's tradition at the Stehekin School my dad now teaches for the students to knit hats in fall. The lady who helps them get started found out I didn't know how, and she decided to teach me. With lots of help and after making many mistakes I completed my hat. It was actually quite fun once I got the rhythm down, and now I have a nice warm hat for winter!

    I really appreciated this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love in Christ, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Let me explain myself. I am not overly excited with Donald Trump. But I am excited to see that the 3,000-4,000 people that will come along with him in his administration/cabinet, senate, and house are once again restored to the conservative side. I am excited to see so many pro-life senators. I'm excited to have a president-elect who, at least in word, supports limited government. Truly, any pro-life American should count this election a victory, even if only for the unborn! Truly, if anyone should pay the price for poorly chosen politicians, it should be We the People, not our unborn! Also, after two elections when our country has proven herself moderately liberal, my hope is restored to see that this year she has proven herself moderately conservative, once again! One great step in the direction of restoring our country to the Bible and Constitution! I hope you'll find something to praise the Lord about, on the topic of the late election, after all. :)

      Haha! I am very warm blooded, and even in the winter, I have two fans blowing in my room, and usually end up kicking a blanket off. But you're probably right. The North Cascades might be just a little chillier than Oklahoma. But only marginally, I'm sure. ;)

      AHH! That's so cool that you knitted yourself a winter hat!! Next you'll have to learn to crochet, if you can't, already. I prefer knitting, because I am faster at it, and I can knit without looking at my hands, and I have to really focus on every crochet stich, but it's still a neat skill!

      Thanks for commenting, Jenny! I always love hearing from you! Have a blessed day! <3

    2. Kimberly..
      You are very right. My almost irrational dislike for the character in question rather extinguished my ability to judge fairly and to look on the bright side. Sometimes I get so focused on what I dislike about an object that I can't see the good in it,and that is yet another thing the Lord has to gently chastise me for. I truly hope and pray that soon-to-be President Trump will be a good leader,and that he has the wisdom and foresight to surround himself with people who would urge him to follow Biblical and Constitutional principles as he assumes said authority.

      Part of the reason I feel so strongly about him winning the election is his moral character and the fact that he is so unlike my ideal of a president. I have been taught to respect and revere the United States and its leader almost to a fault throughout my education. I firmly believe in America, but I forget that it really hasn't always been the Land of the Free,that this young nation has seen its sorrow and fought for causes that aren't necessarily just or true. My ideals might have been called naïve. I put our country on such a pedestal, and esteemed its leaders just as high. Then I started to become aware that not everyone thought so well of it. I started to hear of injustice, political corruption, and awful facts about abortion. I began to notice the political scene,and saw potential presidential candidates that I couldn't bring myself to respect at all. I guess you could say my eyes were opened to the darkness around me,that I finally took off my rose colored glasses and saw that light was fading fast. It is,but that only means that those of us who have the light need to share it with the others,who are in darkness! I think that's the theme of your blog.."The darker the world,the brighter the light"? I need to focus on being a light instead of criticizing the darkness,don't I!?!

      Thanks for the correction there...I think I needed to readjust my views. That's typical for me,always quick to point out the defects of others but eevvveerr ssoo sslloowww to correct mine! The 'beam' in my eye needs to be taken care of before I can tell anyone else of their motes! And,with Mr.Trump,I need to recall that the king's heart (and that of the President) is in the hands of the Lord, and God can turn it in whatever way He chooses!

      On a lighter note:
      What do you mean I have to learn how to crotchet now?! Goodness! I barely made it out alive with all that knitting! (I'm just kidding, I'll keep it in mind. :)

  3. Ahhh, very interesting post. Good job!


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