Monday, November 7, 2016

15 Evidences of a Grateful Heart

A few months ago, our family listened to a sermon from Dr. Charles Stanley called 'Overflowing With Gratitude' (it's available on YouTube, if you're interested). I have a hard time publicly recommending Dr. Stanley because he doesn't hold to the King James Version, and that's something I have some strong convictions about (it's just personal; I'm not judging). However, this specific sermon was really eye-opening, and expository to the evidences (or lack thereof) of my gratitude.

Sometimes I fool myself by thinking I can just feel thankful, and pray "thank you", and I'm a grateful person, but there's this list in his sermon: 15 evidences of a grateful heart that cannot be hid. So if I'm truly grateful, I should be exuberating most/all of these qualities. Ouch.

Here's the list! My mom has it laminated and tacked up on her closet wall, for quick spirit-checking.

15 Evidences of a Grateful Heart:

1. Positive Attitude

You see all the good God is doing in your heart and life, so you can't help but have a positive attitude.

2. Awareness of God's Presence

You know He's the One that's at work in your life creating your circumstances and helping you through it.

3. Humble Spirit

You recognize it's all God, and none of you.

4. Peacefulness

You've placed your trust in Him, you're watching Him work in your life, and you're aware of the blessings He bestows upon you.

5. Thoughtfulness of Others

You're compassionate, and always looking for ways to help the hurting people around you, as He has helped you.

6. Generosity

You recognize what God has done/is doing for you, so it's natural for you to want to pass on the generosity.

7. Unselfishness (joyfully)

You're willing to share, and you'll do so joyfully.

8. Expressiveness

You're going to talk about your blessings, and tell others how they can meet the Giver of every blessing.

9. Friendliness

Your heart is melted towards other people.

10. Contagiousness

You're the person others see (or even think of), and smile. It's ultimately Jesus within you, but it's also you recognizing and appreciating the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

11. Motivation

You're motivated to give, share, serve. He gave all, so you're not afraid to give, too.

12. Servant-Spirited

You want to give of yourself and do what God wants you to do.

13. High Level of Faith

You see what God is doing in your life over and over and over again.

14. Fruitfulness

You want to give yourself away; be used of God.

15. Joyfulness

You always have a positive outflow of gratitude, no matter what's going on in your life. Not necessarily happiness; deep-rooted joy, because you know Who holds tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

How do you measure-up?

For me, I think 'expressiveness' and 'servant-spirited' are the ones I most need to work on. Expressiveness is just a matter of overcoming the pride issue of wanting to give myself credit + dropping this weird wall I've let myself build of "praising at the right time". Does that even make sense? Or am I the only one? There is no wrong time or occasion to praise the Lord, but I have this weird, prideful (?) fear of saying "Praise the Lord!" at an odd moment within conversation, thus making it awkward, or something. I must get over this!

As for being servant-spirited... I want to say I am. I want to be. But if we measure how servant-spirited we are by measuring our spirit when treated like a servant... I'm not sure I've got that one "down" at all.

Both of those are things I'm praying + working + studying the Scriptures through, currently.

Hopefully you see something here to work on, and through that journey you, too, will be able to get closer to the LORD our God! He is so good!!

Have a lovely week!


  1. I can't 100% recommend Charles Stanley either, but I love his sermons and his writings! This is a great list :)

  2. What a great reminder of what a thankful spirit looks like! I might need to tack this list up in my closet, too. ;) Great post, Kimberly!

  3. I flunked! I really need to work on this! God has been so good to me,so faithful and true! I just take more and more of His blessings without a thought of praising Him!

    When I was really young,my grandparents threw me a birthday party. My aunt was generous enough to get me a beautiful doll carriage,one I'd been wanting. For some reason,I didn't thank her. My parents told me to,and I actually refused,blatantly. (I have no idea why!) My poor relations were all so embarrassed,and disappointed in me,but it wasn't until my dad told me that he would take the present away that I grudgingly said thank you. I look back on that now and I'm like,'What was I thinking?' but that's also exactly what I do with God. He's given my so many beautiful gifts and I just do not thank Him!

    Anyway,thanks for the post! I have a lot of things to thank the Lord for before I compare myself to that list again!


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