Monday, November 21, 2016

Favorites: Fall 2016 + Pictures

Fall has been... good. Adventuresome. A little warmer than I prefer. Happy. Sad. Busy.

Concluding my little mini-series to ring in Thanksgiving, here is a post recapping some of my favorite everythings from Fall 2016. Kind of like I'm giving thanks for them, right?


Persuasion, by Jane Austen
(I actually only gave it three stars on Goodreads. But it was good. I just like Jane Austen, in general. She thinks like I do.)

Sanctuary, by Beverly Lewis
(I've been so long away from Amish fiction. I've hardly done Christian fiction, either, these past couple of years. But this book was so good! I've owned it for a few years, and just read it for the first time in September. I really, really recommend it! Extremely suspenseful.)


'The Power of Prayer' by David Gibbs
I love this sooo much!! "Believing in prayer is not the same as praying"!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Purposeful Thanksgiving

Hey, y'all!

So my spirits are a bit elevated this week...

1) The election is over, and I'm pleased with the outcome! Really, I wish Ted Cruz was president-elect. BUT. I am so, so relieved Hillary Clinton is not president-elect. Or Bernie Sanders. Yuck.

2) It finally really feels like fall! I have two blankets on my bed! Christmas movies are in the rotation!

3) I had a big editing job (I work a bit on the side as a freelance editor, which mostly means helping authors with their book manuscripts), and I'm so relieved to have it finished and sent in!

4) I ordered a bunch of yarn from Etsy, and my shipment came in on Thursday, and I'm busy knitting away at scarves. I've already completed two, and am half way through my third.

Anyways. Happy dance over. I've told myself I'm supposed to be writing on Thankfulness this month, so I'm just going to pass along a few more thoughts on that.

Story time!

Monday, November 7, 2016

15 Evidences of a Grateful Heart

A few months ago, our family listened to a sermon from Dr. Charles Stanley called 'Overflowing With Gratitude' (it's available on YouTube, if you're interested). I have a hard time publicly recommending Dr. Stanley because he doesn't hold to the King James Version, and that's something I have some strong convictions about (it's just personal; I'm not judging). However, this specific sermon was really eye-opening, and expository to the evidences (or lack thereof) of my gratitude.

Sometimes I fool myself by thinking I can just feel thankful, and pray "thank you", and I'm a grateful person, but there's this list in his sermon: 15 evidences of a grateful heart that cannot be hid. So if I'm truly grateful, I should be exuberating most/all of these qualities. Ouch.

Here's the list! My mom has it laminated and tacked up on her closet wall, for quick spirit-checking.

15 Evidences of a Grateful Heart:

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