Monday, August 29, 2016

The Five Weirdest Things I Pray About

The last time I blogged about prayer, I got a pretty good response. So on a different note, here are five strange things I pray about.

Prayer is literally communing. Communing is kind of like... well, conversing. But all the time. Like the best-friend-version of conversing. I commune with my siblings and parents and closest friends. I tell them not only the huge, major issues or triumphs of my life, but also the little trivial "fun facts" of my moment-by-moment life. Weird stories and dreams and ideas. Everything.

That's how it's supposed to be with God, too!

I've been focusing on my prayer life lately. Not only do I want to run to God when I need help and guidance through the darkest storms of life, but I want Him to be apart of every little moment, too!

Here are just five of the "weird" things I pray about.

I'm hoping that this inspires somebody to a deeper relationship with God. While we know "big" things in life definitely happen, life is truly made up of those little insignificants, and I want God to be glorified on both levels.

     1.  Sleeping

This might be kind of odd, but alarm clocks don't really wake me up. People stirring about wake me up, but I'm upstairs, away from the stirring people. Sunshine wakes me up, but I sleep with the blinds closed. Adrenaline wakes me up, but not every day is a day full of excitement and adventure, so it only works sometimes. But alarm clocks? I turn them off and wake up an hour later without ever realizing a peep was made. Oops. 

So sleeping, and waking up (and even nightmares), have been apart of my bedtime prayers off and on for about 12 years now. When I notice my wake-up time sliding later and later, I make myself notes to pray about it. God does help me! Praise Him for His faithfulness even in the seemingly-silly! 

     2. Shopping

I don't like shopping. It's just... depressing. I'm not skinny enough, I'm not tall enough, I'm not rich enough, and even if I hurdle my inner barricades and make it to the mall, I spend the whole trip mad at myself for succumbing. There's nothing here that I'll wear anyways. Too bad I wasn't born in the 40's. We can't even make modest sweatshirts anymore? 

I pray. Well, sometimes I do. I need to remember to pray more often. It helps the frustration. 

I've prayed about finding specific articles of clothing, or denim skirts, or that such-and-such store would have a good sale rack for us that day. I know that sounds ridiculous. I'd be rolling my eyes right now if I were you, too. But God has answered those prayers! Not always with the answer I was hoping for, but in the end, I always have so much more peace, because I gave it over to the Almighty, and didn't have to carry around that pressure by myself. 

     3. Schoolwork

Yikes. Schoolwork is kind of stressful. Especially college schoolwork, where you land one bad grade and it holds on with the suction of a leech for the rest of your life. 

Even before college, though, I prayed my way through tests. One [more] advantage of homeschooling was that I didn't have to be deathly silent hardly ever. If I needed to talk out a problem, pray, or even sing a hymn to cool off my nerves, I had that freedom. I remember one specific Algebra test that was really important. I think it might have been a mid-term, or something, and I started off the test horribly. The first several questions in a row I got wrong. I was projecting a F. I started freaking out because I had an A in Algebra, and this test was going to count doubly, and I absolutely couldn't fail. 

My stress was only causing more hurried (wrong) answers, and I was at the point of crying. I stopped. I prayed. I sang 'Day by Day'. Yes, it was just an Algebra test. But it meant a lot to me. And God stripped my shoulders of that burden, and I made a B on the test, hardly effecting my average at all. 

     4. Competitions

Ha. Okay, if you don't know me in person, here I am to inform you of my extreme competitiveness. 

Really, I just enjoy games and sports and a good Bible Drill. I never cheat. But I'll do pretty much anything to win. Besides cheat. If I'm playing something I know I'm not good at, like volleyball, it's easier to just be in the game for the fun of it. But if we're playing monopoly... watch out. 

Anyways, I used to be in the world's best youth group with awesome teachers who recognized the nature of their students to be very competitive. They used that weakness as leverage to get us to learn more of God's Word. (I think we need to all just stop and give them a round of applause.) 

Hundreds and thousands of verses were memorized and recited within the four white walls of our little classroom. People stood up. Others stood up faster. Hollering erupted when some non-specific person (not me!) started using a Bible with... wait for it... tabs. *shiver*

Those were the good days. I prayed a lot for those competitions. Probably not for the right reasons, but I'm still glad I did. Because I knew God had it under control, I was able to walk into class every week with my head held high, trusting God to win it through my efforts, if it was His will. I think God used that season of my life to teach me how to win and how to lose. How to be a classy and lady-like competitor. How not to treat my fellow competitors. Things like that. Even if it was a weird thing to pray about, I will never regret any of my talks with my Heavenly Father. 

     5. Restraints

I have an over-active imagination. I see things that aren't there. I live multiple lives within my own mind. 

I come up with plans and dreams, sometimes, that just aren't what God has for my life. At least not in this season. I think about all of the opportunities awaiting me, and it's hard to not fly away into the wild blue yonder. I know home is where I'm supposed to be right now. But that doesn't mean I don't dream about the next season. 

It's in times like these when I pray for restraints. I pray God would hold be back from anything He wouldn't have for me. I pray God would strip from my heart all desires that aren't written on His plan for my life, and that He would continue to mold my heart to be more and more like His. 

His Will is so much bigger and greater than anything I could ever dream up for myself, anyways!! 

~ ~ ~

And that's that. The first five things that popped into my head when I started thinking up weird things I pray about. 

Like I said in the beginning, this is designed for encouragement. I'm hoping that opening up and talking about little, silly things that I pray about might inspire someone out there to think about praying more, themselves. To commune with God as they would with a best friend. To cast their burdens, no matter the size we see them as, upon His shoulders, and live life freely and peacefully.  

Now, comment me this: 

After reading my weird prayers, what's the "strangest" thing you can remember praying about?

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  1. We often think of the bigger things to pray for, but don't think about the little things! I totally agree that we should, though. I don't know if this is THE strangest thing I've ever prayed for, but a few weeks ago, when we were getting ready for my Grandma's funeral, I had this dress picked out that I REALLY wanted to wear. Sometimes the zipper on it messes up, but it's never a huge deal. Except this time it would NOT zip up. I didn't want to have to pick out something else that last minute, and already had my heart set on this dress, so I just started praying that God would make it zip lol Mama said she was gonna try one more time. zipped! It was a really rough time, and I felt like the Lord allowed that prayer to be answered just so I could feel His presence and know He cared about me that day ;)


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