Monday, August 22, 2016

On Being a Sheep // More Lessons From Big-Sisterhood

I just wanna' be a sheep,
In God's pasture,
Listenen' for the Shepherd call.

I just wanna be a wooly little lamb,
Happy as a clam,
Jesus makes my heart rejoice!

I just wanna be there,
In the Shepherd's care,
Sittin' at the Master's feet.

Not a dog! (Woof woof!)
Not a bird! (Tweet tweet!)
I just wanna be a sheep!!


... so goes the children's VBS music.

And then my brother, a few months ago, I think just before he turned three, was asked what he wanted to be when he grows up. "A sheep!", was the energetic, ever so innocent reply.

So adorable, right?!

But I don't get it.

I don't wanna' be a sheep!

I want to be a bald eagle, a wild mustang, a killer whale, or... something like that. Something smart, powerful, strong, fast, brave, and wild. Something totally free and capable and, let's face it, way cooler than a sheep.

Haven't you heard about sheep?

Sheep are stupid.

They will literally kill themselves with their own ignorance. They'll eat poisonous weeds because they look green like the non-poisonous weeds. They'll get stuck in thorn bushes or bear traps or mud because they aren't paying attention to where they're stepping. They'll walk off cliffs, because, why not?

If it weren't for shepherds, I'm pretty sure sheep would be extinct by now.

And then I realize something.

No matter if I want to be a sheep or not... I am a sheep.

God is my Shepherd.

It's easy to forget that portion of Psalms, isn't it? Or at least, it's easy to not apply it to ourselves, right? Who wants to think of themselves as a sheep?! (Besides my brother, that is...)

But, if we're destined to this life anyways, we might as well accept it, and learn how to best grow in it, shouldn't we? We didn't ask for this, but this is what we are.

What is God pressing upon my heart these days, you ask? I have just two points for you today. 

1. Shepherds Save the Sheep

When the Sheep is about to walk off of a cliff into a, the Shepherd redirects.

When I was about to step into the college scene last year, the Shepherd redirected.

2. Sheep Don't Wear Leashes

Sometimes, I think, us being sheep is a good image of the free will that God has granted all of us. We have a lot of choices in our lives. Everyday, more choices, more consequences. And, for the most part, it's all in the attitude in which we execute these choices that defines them as glorifying to God or not. Because while I am pursuing college online according to the doors God has opened in my life, and you are pursuing college on campus according to the doors God has opened in your life, we can both be glorifying God. One way isn't necessarily the only way. The only thing that is restricted to One Way is Salvation.

When God pulled me away from the cliff of college (it was a cliff in my life, I mean), He just turned me away from the cliff. He didn't set me on another path. He left it to me to try another direction. And as I continuously give my life over to Him and seek His will, I trust Him to close doors and pull me away from all of these cliffs that I'm walking towards, like the stupid sheep I am.

Just something to think about.

What's God teaching you?

Know ye that the LORD He is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.

-Psalm 100:3

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  1. That's good, Kimberly! God has definitely had to do that in my life as well :)


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