Monday, August 8, 2016

Favorites: Summer 2016 + Pictures

Yay for fun posts!

Here are just a few of my happinesses from this past summer. I hope you can find something from this list to enjoy yourself!


     Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (you can read my review here)

     Emma by Jane Austen (you can read my review here)

     Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (in progress)


     North and South Soundtrack (BBC 2004)

     Big Smith

     Southwest Salad with Avacado Salsa Dressing (the one meal that makes me actually enjoy salad.)


     Almond Flour Brownies (trust me, they're way better than they sound.)


     Bai. Yum. That stuff is the bomb dot com. Especially the Mango and Dragon Fruit ones.


     Vintage bakeware (because I love it!) for my hope chest from local antique stores. Lately I've picked up a 12-hole muffin pan and a glass 8x8 dish for $3/each. I also got an adorable little tea cup to add to my collection. :)

Piano Music:

     Living For Jesus, as arranged by Tracey Ann Collins.


     Granny-Ma. I haven't seen her in four years now. Heaven gets sweeter every day!

     The busyness of last summer! Oh my goodness. In some ways it feels like yesterday, but in other ways it feels like decades since I graduated, did a Ministry Internship at the Bill Rice Ranch, drove to California... I mean, I don't even live in the same state as I did last summer!


     Bedroom Window Sunrises


     That beautiful hay field I get to call my view!

     Colorado (oh, be still my heart!)

     And, last but not least, my recent obscure obsession with abandoned buildings! ;)


     Sand Sledding in Great Sand Dunes National Park

     White Water rafting the Level 4 rapids through the Royal Gorge

New Releases:

     Me? Teach Piano? by Amanda Tero, which, by the way, every pianist should read! I certainly wish I had had it in my hands when I first jumped the ravine from student to teacher!! (And, there's really no excuse for you to not have it, considering there's a giveaway going on right now so you could win a copy!) But honestly, this is by far the best book for pianists who are trying to get into teaching I have ever read. It's just so helpful. It answers all of the questions. And, if you look closely, you might see my name on the last page somewhere...

     Where Hope Prevails by Janette Oke. It's pending on my hold shelf at the library. I cannot wait!!

And I'm Looking forward to...

     Family Camp! I'm so excited! If you've been looking for a wholesome family get-away, join us! International ALERT Academy Family Camp 2016 is October 8-14, Big Sandy, Texas.

     Mykaela coming to visit me!! We are going to have the most amazing time. Y'all might want to mark the dates down on your calendar and get ready to watch out. We crazy.

How was your summer? Highlights?

*All photographs watermarked on the bottom left corner belong to Kimberly Snyder. Passing off as your own is illegal. Please feel free to pin and share, but always include links back to Peculiar on Purpose, and never crop out watermarks. Thank you!


  1. I hope you and Mykaela have a ton of fun!! Also, I can't wait to start reading some Jane Austen books myself!

    1. Thank you!! I know we will have a ton of fun! One day, all of us are going to have to get together.

      Jane Austen is fantastic! My only regret is that I didn't start reading her novels a few years earlier when I had more time on my hands for such long books. ;) I would recommend starting with Pride and Prejudice! :)

  2. This is so gorgeous!!! The pics, I mean.

  3. I still haven't read Jane Eyre.. It always sounded kinda weird... :) Jane Austen is the best,though! I love Sense and Sensibility,and Emma is good too!

    Your photographs are simply beautiful! I like the sunsets and the hay field ones the best! ;) And abandoned older sister went through a phase where all she could take pictures of were abandoned barns! We'd be driving down the highway and all the sudden she'd screech and say that my mother had to stop so she could take pictures of some old barns she'd seen along the way. ;) It was hilarious.

    I'm so glad you and Mykaela are going to see each other! Do you guys know when she's going to be able to come yet?

    1. Hey Jenny! So this was LAST summer. I can't believe FeedBurner (my blog's email service) just sent this post this past week! I was so frustrated when I saw it! Ugh.

      Thank you! I love photography! And, yeah, abandoned buildings... ha! I really loved those pictures you sent me of your town!! It's so beautiful! If the whole world saw those pictures, it wouldn't be so secluded for much longer... ;)

      Mykaela and I have no real idea of when we're going to get together again. Maybe September...? Hopefully soon! I miss her so much!

      But Jane Eyre was good!! Wuthering Heights wasn't worth it, but Jane Eyre was good, for a Bronte book. A little gothic, but very good story. :)


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