Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Burma (Slash Thailand) Missions Trip 2016 + Pictures - Part 2 of 2

Hello, dear readers!

Now that it's the end of May, I figured it's about time to put up pictures from the middle of April. :)

So, if you didn't see the pictures and stories from Burma, I would really recommend taking a look at those first. I left that post off at April 11th, so I'll pick up on Tuesday, April 12th. The day we left for Thailand.

We weren't supposed to go to Thailand. Once we were in Burma, though, we learned that it would be:
  1. More dangerous than we had initially thought to pursue the travel plans we had formed prior to getting there.
  2. More expensive than we had initially thought to pursue the travel plans we had formed prior to getting there.
  3. Possible that the work we wanted to do could be done through one single person that was from Burma (which automatically means travel is safer for him), and at one fifth of the price it would have taken to get our group up there to do it. All of the plans we had for Kachin state were still accomplished, but vicariously through an ambassador.
Through these (and maybe some other) various means, God re-directed our path to Thailand. We accomplished everything we needed to do there in less time than we had on our hands, so we changed our return flight tickets to Thursday, the 21st of April, as opposed to the original plan of traveling home from Rangoon, Burma on Monday the 25th.

This chronicles our 9 days in Thailand.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Thoughts on Homeschooling From a Homeschooler

I hear [read] things about homeschooling all of the time. Blogs rave on and on about homeschooling, but what confuses me is that most of these articles are written by anybody but the homeschoolers themselves.

I read posts by homeschooling moms. I read comments condemning the practice of homeschooling by pro-public school moms. I see memes mocking homeschooling which were generated by kids who were homeschooled only for the second semester of eighth grade, because they were kicked out of their middle school for vandalizing the gym. Or something like that... But where are my fellow homeschoolers? When do they get a say?

So, I decided, today is the day. A girl, homeschooled for her entire education, tells it as it is.

Here you are. From a Homeschooler (a person who was educated at home from the first day to the last final exam of 12th grade), I give you what homeschooling means to me.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Burma Missions Trip 2016 + Pictures - Part 1 of 2

Hi, there!

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Well, I went on my very first international missions trip this past month! Wow! I still cannot believe I just did that. But at the same time, it was so right. Kind of like my whole life thus far built up to that. And, sure, bucket showers were hard, and I was happy enough to be rid of my nightly encounters with giant jungle spiders, but I'd go back tomorrow if I could. I left my heart in Burma. Seriously. Part of who I am is still wandering around the market alley-ways of Keng Tung and the dusty roads of Banglim. I'm like half of a misplaced person over here.

Before I went, I read blog posts from other missions trippers, and I thought I understood. I've watched missionary presentations my entire life, and I thought I was compassionate and sympathetic of their cause. No. I had no idea. I had no feelings. And unless you've been in my shoes, you won't completely "get it". You should go. So you can get it. And learn how to love. And sympathize with me.

My feelings have nothing to do with your eagerness to see my pictures, though. So, I blog. I show you where I left the other half of my person.
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