Monday, March 14, 2016

Remember That Time...?

A couple weeks ago I posted: Mistakes are Awesome. If you haven't already read the post, I'd recommend doing so, as it laid the ground-work for this post. And I give you the sequel...

3 Ways to Remember Mistakes!

     1. Journaling

When I think of journaling, I think about writing down good memories and fun things I've done, so maybe fifty years from now I can re-read the accounts and give myself a smile, or else, maybe read the journal to my grandchildren. Maybe they'd find my stories about our old VHS collection amusing, or maybe they'd be in shock to learn that I'm older than the iPhone, or that I watched a wedding between a real-life prince and a commoner. Who knows?

But something I used to (but no longer) omit from my journal, is my mistakes. Mess ups. Things I learned the hard way. Instead of smiling about the good memories, these will make me smile at my foolishness. These will remind me that I haven't always been the best cake-baker, seamstress, sister, daughter, wife, or mother. And, along with the fun things my future grandchildren will pour over, they'll see that I, too, am flawed, but maybe one of them can learn from just one of my mistakes. It would make it quite worth it, I'm sure.

     2. Tell Your Story

I feel like this is much easier said than done. I mean, of course I don't want to sit down with my friends and tell them everything I've ever done wrong over coffee! Don't worry. That's not what I mean, exactly.

  • Tell your younger siblings (if not applicable to you, share with nieces and nephews, neighbor kids, or any young people in your life)
This is huge! And something I have not practiced enough of, for which I am sorry. It takes courage, but being transparent with the kids in your life can change their lives, and yours, too, for the better. It teaches them that 1) You are not perfect. Which is true. And helps them to see that perfectionism isn't actually as important as being yourself, and learning from your mistakes, and having Jesus' help., and 2) They shouldn't even try substituting soda for baking soda when baking a cake. And tattoos aren't ever as cool as they might seem. Or that they just might not make the mistakes you've made. You've already been through that pain, humiliation, embarrassment, etc. Don't make them go through the same because you're feeling prideful, and would rather look perfect.

  • Lead a class or Bible Study (Sunday School, Bright Lights, it doesn't really matter. Study the Bible, and give them examples of when you learned such-and-such lesson the hard way.)
There are a few girls of whom I can name (but won't) that I have learned SO MUCH from, because they were extremely transparent, and told me about those mistakes that you're surprised they even talk about. Not bad things, but stories that I'd probably not want to share, if I were in thier shoes. I'm working on letting go of my pride and being transparent like them.

  • Write a Blog
Hahahaaa yeahhh. Here I am, writing a blog post to basically convince myself to let go of my pride and share my mistakes with those who might benefit. Not even kidding. Writing to myself. So brilliant, aren't I? But, hey, it works, right? Not to mention how much easier it is to type it out than it is to sit someone down and explain all your short-comings. Computers are more forgiving than people, sometimes.

     3. Live, Learn, and Help the Next Generation

This might seem redundant of the last two points, but in this one, I'm not necessarily talking about your grandkids in 50 years, or your little siblings, or friends. Here, I mean strangers. Hurting strangers.

Personally, I've lived a pretty "straight and narrow" life since day one. I haven't had a drug addiction or alcohol problems. I haven't aborted or abandoned a baby. I haven't even spray-painted my name on the side of a train. So, maybe I can't speak very convincingly on this subject... but, I can tell you that, no matter what you've done, Jesus loves you, is ready to forgive you, and there will be somebody else out in the world that will make the same mistake as you did pretty soon. If you get it straightened out with Jesus, maybe you could show them the path towards the light, as somebody that's been there and done that.

Lighter mistakes (like spray painting the trains), might just be something you could tell your old cohorts that you don't do anymore, because it doesn't honor God.

But bigger things, like aborting a baby, can really result in bigger things. Tell the world about your mistake, and try to do anything you can to keep other women coming up after you from doing the same.

It's simple, really. Just hard.

Good thing God is for you. And if God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)



What other ways might you use to remember your mistakes?

Which of these ways are you considering implementing into your life?

Until next time!

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