Monday, February 22, 2016

Mistakes are Awesome


We've all messed up.

Spilled milk on the couch. Or grape juice on our white button-down.

Let the cat out of the bag. Literally and figuratively.

Lost our wedding rings down the garbage disposal. Or just broken the disposal by running it with a tiny spoon down in there. Oh yeah, and ruining the antique, genuine silver spoon in the process.

And thank the Lord that we have!

Yep. I'm living, learning, and trying to grow in the Lord. And I'm determined to better embrace my mistakes.

Already, it's not easy, but worth it. And here I am, telling you about it, because this world is far too perfectionistic. I mean, of course I like a sparkling kitchen, and a neatly-made bed, but the general public tends to hide their flaws, flaunt their successes, and push everyone around them to similar perfectionism. This is bad.

I'm on a mission to prove mistakes are awesome. You're welcome.

3 Reasons Your Mistakes are Awesome

     1. Mistakes Mean you need Jesus

Our downfalls are literally why we need Jesus Christ. He came to this wicked world, died, and rose again to pay for our sins. And when we invite Him into our hearts, He'll be on our team. So, when we don't feel at ease about that big speech coming up, we can admit that weakness and He'll gladly help us through! When we tell the world that we have no flaws, even to the point of convincing ourselves, we no longer need Jesus. Because we are perfect... right?

I need Jesus. You need Jesus. We all need Jesus. Like I said above, when you start thinking you are perfect, you stop needing Jesus. When you stop remembering all those times you messed up, you stop remembering why you need a Savior. And we all need a Savior. Because we've all made mistakes.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"
-Romans 3:23, emphasis mine

     2. Mistakes Taught You Everything You Know

Okay, okay, so maybe not everything, but just about. You remember that time you were baking a cake and tried to substitute soda in place of baking soda? If you hadn't, you still to this day wouldn't know the difference. I'm sure you can think of dozens of stories, maybe from your childhood, or maybe right after you had brought your first baby home from the hospital. You made mistakes, just like everyone has been doing since Adam just had to go taste that fruit. And, whether you realize it or not, you have learned from at least some of those mistakes. Don't forget about them. They probably taught you more than your third grade teacher did, and they deserve due credit.

     3. Your Mistakes are Unique to You

Maybe another person has tried to use soda in place of baking soda, but the events surrounding the mistake- what you were making, the deadline-induced panic, the blizzard-like conditions disabling you to replenish your baking soda- are unique to you. Nobody will have quite the same story to tell as you do. Give everybody a laugh at your expense, and tell them about a good, old-fashioned mistake!

For those mistakes that are definitely not awesome...

There was the time (or four) that my dad has brushed up against death because of a "little" mistake. Most certainly not awesome. And if a doctor is operating on your baby girl's fragile heart and makes a mistake... not awesome. Or you make a mistake and chop off your leg. NOT awesome. Am I right? Car "accidents" could also be called "mistakes", and just can't be labeled as awesome. And on and on I could go. I'm sure you're thinking of a few very not-awesome mistakes, yourself.

I'm not trying to say that everything is awesome. Awesome things are awesome, and terrible things are awesome, and you need to be happy about everything. Nope. Not at all what I'm going for. (And I really don't use the word 'awesome' so often in real life, in case you were wondering...)

I really am trying to focus on my attitude, and I see that this an issue a lot of people are dealing with. The subconscious ideal that perfectionism is the new normal has got to go.

So, when mistakes are most certainly not at all "awesome", my new, personal goal, is to make them be. Whether it was my mistake, or somebody else's that is effecting me, make the best of it. Embrace it. Share my struggle. Share my story. Learn from others whom have gone before me, and help encourage those who will be going after me.

And in it all, maybe the sole, God-given, awesome purpose of the not-awesome mistake was always to draw me, or maybe someone else, closer to Him. And that, my friends, is awesome.


So! That's all for now, but be on the look-out for my next post, which will talk a bit more about practical ways to remember and share your mistakes, you know, without feeling like you need to post it to Facebook every time you back-talk your parents. 'Cause that'd just be weird.

Have a good week of living, learning, and growing in the Lord!

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