Saturday, June 17, 2017

Called to Singleness? Is That a Thing?

"So what are your plans?" The peering, leering adult tilts her chin up and her nose down, poising attention stance, ready to pounce in judgement upon whatever answer I can sputter out.

I freeze up. I race through the data bank of career choices in the back of my mind, but the only legible card is Taxi Driver and I'm not quite sure that dream should be shared with the general public. I catch a coughing fit, hoping to buy myself enough time to come up with an acceptable "plan" speech for this nice—albeit strangely curious—cashier lady.

Just in case you are alienated—by years, circumstances, or maybe monastery rules—I will translate for you that any questions to those about 16-20ish years of age about their [*throat clear*] "plans" is a secret code for: "I would ask you what you want to be when you grow up, but you are technically fully grown, at least physically, so what are you going to do with yourself, you oaf?".

Suffice it to say the little game was absolutely 100% more fun when we were all just eight-year-olds and we could decide on big careers without the slightest taste of the sacrifice any of our choices would normally cost. Today if I say "maybe I'll be a doctor", I'm plagued with everything from scholarship applications to science quizzing and enough horror stories on student loans to give any young adult nightmares.

"I... uh... I want to be a wife and homeschool mother. Lord willing. Someday." I finish the last part in a feverish rush, hoping the mumble was intelligible and breathing a silent prayer the stun and shock from such an answer will give me enough time to run before more questions hit.

And it's true! That's my dream job. My lifelong career of choice. And no matter how many arguments they pose at me cynically and skeptically, it will continue to be.

"Poor kid," they mutter to one another under their breaths, "brainwashed homeschooler doesn't know what the world has to offer."

Yeah, I hear you over there. My ears work even if my reasoning process doesn't, I suppose.

One argument to my dreams that actually does uproot my sureness in my calling (sometimes) is this whole idea of "what if you are called to singleness?"

But—but, didn't I kind of just tell you I'm not?? If I had told you I was called to be a doctor so I was in med school, would you have questioned me like "what if you are called to be something besides a doctor?" No? Why would you not question that, but question the call I'm telling you I have? Just because I cannot pursue it actively right now?

"What if God would rather you didn't marry?"

Oh, but kind sir, what if God would rather you not finish your PhD?

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Perpetual Waiting Room of Life

Jane remembers well being 12 years old. She couldn't wait to finish the seventh grade. She couldn't wait to turn 13 and be a real-deal teenager. She couldn't wait to grow up and get married and live happily ever after.

It was only a few years later that Jane met John. They had to wait awhile to court. They had to wait awhile to become engaged. They had to wait awhile for the marriage ceremony.

Then that was done. Now Jane and John could hardly wait for the day they'd become parents! They talked about it constantly—a house full of their future babies was all their anticipation.

But it didn't happen as fast as they thought it could.

It had been two or three years now since the wedding, and still no babies were crying from the nursery.

John started college and it was a long struggling wait to finish his degree. Another wait to find a good job in which to use his degree.

Jane eventually had a baby. Just one. A little girl. Sure, she had so wanted a house full of hungry boys scouring the kitchen for cookies and girls learning to knit and paint in every corner. But this was better than nothing.

She quickly found babies, even one, to be a lot of work! She was always so tired! She found herself waiting anxiously for the day Baby could sleep through the night. When that milestone was reached, she couldn't wait for Baby to learn to use the bathroom! After that, she waited for Baby to learn to dress and clean herself. Then she waited for Baby to learn to read. Jane was excited when they day came because it meant Baby could go to school. Jane waited all summer long for the first day of school to finally get there. And when it did, she was lonely all day without Baby, and she couldn't wait for school to let out that afternoon.

Jane waited for Baby to be old enough for dance lessons. Jane waited for John to get that long-awaited promotion at work. Jane waited the day they could afford to sell the tiny house they had lived in since marriage and finally have something decent. Cars, too, she reasoned.

Jane waited for Baby to learn to get her driver's license, because that meant Jane would no longer have to act as chauffeur to school and dance and all of the other places she had once so wanted Baby to go.

When Baby could drive, Jane waited to hear back from one of the jobs she had applied for. She waited for the interview. She waited for the start date. She waited for the day she could move up, or else out.

She waited for Baby to leave for college, she waited for Baby to find a husband and get married, she waited for Baby to have her own babies.

Jane waited for the day she and her husband could retire so she could finally spend time with her grandkids.

She realized, finally getting around to that trip to see Baby's family, they had waited too long.

These kids didn't know her or John. Baby wasn't a baby anymore. All she had now was to wait to die.

She had spent her life waiting. Always for things that would have happened anyways, whether she had been waiting or not.

Is this you?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spring 2017: Recap, Highlights, & Favorites

Hello everyone!! I'm so glad you are here. It makes me super happy to have this platform to write and share God's truths, what He's teaching me, and how He's blessing me! If you scratch life down to what it's meant to be, and if you let Christ live the Christian life through you, rather than striving in vain to achieve it yourself, life can and will be so beautifully joyous!

Spring has been a season of vibrant colors, flooded valleys, radiant sunsets, and tornado sirens. The temperatures have been so surprisingly mild/chilly! Even today as I write, my bedroom window is open, the 65-degree breeze wafting in. Speaking of breeze, it has also been extremely windy! A few days ago my mom asked me to go outside and move one of our garbage cans, because it had been blown down the driveway, and my dad was almost home from work, and the garbage can would be in his way driving in. I had just moved them and secured both of them (a grey one and a black one) a few hours before, so I was frustrated they had been blown loose again. When I picked up the wayward grey can and drug it back to its place, I didn't see the black one that should have been there, either. I walked all the way across the house only to find it in a rose bush! Yikes! Guess I need to work on my garbage-can-securing if I'm going to make it out a true Oklahoman.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Narrow Is the Way, Which Leadeth Unto the Waterfalls

Once a year, each of our parents takes each of us kids out by ourselves. We do something fun, maybe eat at a special restaurant of our choosing, stuff like that.

Last week, both Momma and I were free on Friday, so she asked if I wanted my turn with her, and of course I'm not going to turn that down, but I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I thought we would probably end up in Tulsa, so I dressed up nicely. We made it about 50 yards from our house and I exclaimed, "Oh! We should have gone hiking!"

"Well... we still can. Want to turn around and get hiking clothes?"

"Hmm. Yes."

Sunday, May 7, 2017

8 Things for Christians to Think On Every Day

(List stolen borrowed from a devotion my mom read to me and my siblings a few weeks ago. If you know where I can give attribution or a linkback, I'd be happy to!)

We hear it said, "your thought life is your life."


If our thought life is so important, I just wonder... What are we thinking? What are we believing? And do we believe everything we think?


When my mom shared this list with me, I copied it down because (speaking for myself) having a solid list of 8 good things to purpose to think on every day is definitely a step in the right direction of having a healthy, God-glorifying thought life. (The parentheses are my thoughts on the main points, and credit to my Pinterest quote boards for all these images!)

1. Look for the best.

(Especially in your family members.)


2. Give sincere compliments.

(I love compliments that are about the people, rather than about their clothes or something superficial like that. If you notice your waiter is just an all-around awesome waiter, compliment them on a job well done! The world has enough critics; be an intentional encourager.)


3. Be quick to admit your mistakes.

(Pride and perfectionism might lie to you that you're the only one tripping up. Fight it. Stay humble and honest. Where you can't, He can.)


Thursday, May 4, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Blog

If you don't have a blog, have never had a blog, and never aspire to write a blog or have any kind of personal website... you, my friend, are anomaly. Because everyone has their face on the internet somewhere these days.

But. If you do happen to be in that safe zone of still wanting a blog or site, but not yet having one, here are five straightforward reasons you shouldn't change that status.

1. You should not start a blog for the money. 

If you've heard you can start a website and put in some strategically-placed advertisements and retire at 25, just stop. It's all a lie. Some of the Modest on Purpose bloggers have scored some free clothes in exchange for reviews and blog posts, but money? Hahaha. Ha. No. If you're in it for the get-rich-quick reason, kindly allow me to crush your dreams. Trust me, taking this word seriously will be easier than pouring your soul into a blog just to find out the hard way I was right.

(Ahem. Money or fame, btw.)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Learning to Know God


The Creator and sustainer of the universe. Sure, you believe in Him. He exists; how else would human anatomy be logically explained? It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in Creation. You guys are already at this level, right?

But did you know... He can be known?

Did you know you can be one with Him? Did you know you can learn to walk with Him in your life without running your squatty little legs overtime? You can be together. You and Him can enjoy the closest of fellowships possible. You can be closer with Him than with your spouse, family members, and best friends.

It is possible!

But... do you know Him like that?

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

You probably know that, too, right?

It's okay. We're not talking head knowledge right now. This is deeper than your normal blog post. This is on knowing God.

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